The website before was originally very simple, on purpose. I was having a new publication or game maybe every year or so, not a lot of stuff to post at all. I had stopped blogging for a bit, since twitter was fun and a better place (at the time) to hold conversations with other writers… Read More

I have a short story in the upcoming anthology from Underland called the Cozy Cosmic, a cool cozy take on cosmic horror. My story? The Museum of Endless Summer. Perfectly cozy! About the corpses of mermaids washing up on the beach, a missing mother who went beneath the waves to find the sleeping red king,… Read More

My short story, The Last Dryad, is in the Soul Jar anthology, edited by Annie Carl. Released in October 2023, this is a collection of 32 tales by disabled authors. As someone with diabetes and multiple sclerosis, I have struggled with disabilities and the stigma related to them throughout most of my adult life. Getting… Read More