Buy a copy of Skinless Man Counts to Five and other tales of the macabre March 2024 by Underland PressISBN 978-1-63023-076-0 For more than twenty years, Paul Jessup has been dreaming of people and places that shouldn’t exist. From an infection that allows lost children to see beyond the pale in The Silence That Binds… Read More

Visit the publisher’s page for Glass House Buy a copy of Glass House Meet the family Glass. They just bought a new home, and are about to embark on a terrifying new stage in their life. Meet Lucas Glass, their father. He’s obsessed with the Sunshine Family—a psychedelic rock band from another era that famously… Read More

I have a short story in the upcoming anthology from Underland called the Cozy Cosmic, a cool cozy take on cosmic horror. My story? The Museum of Endless Summer. Perfectly cozy! About the corpses of mermaids washing up on the beach, a missing mother who went beneath the waves to find the sleeping red king,… Read More

My short story, The Last Dryad, is in the Soul Jar anthology, edited by Annie Carl. Released in October 2023, this is a collection of 32 tales by disabled authors. As someone with diabetes and multiple sclerosis, I have struggled with disabilities and the stigma related to them throughout most of my adult life. Getting… Read More

Language is a virus. Open this book. Read the words. Feel them infect you. Identity is a disease. Flip the pages. Stay up all night. Watch it transform you. You cannot deny it. You cannot close your eyes and shut out the changes. You know you want to. You really want to. But it’s too… Read More

-purchase from amazon- The world is cursed. A monstrous fog consumes and remakes all things infected with the black fog. A community of Seers push back against the curse. These seers are all women who have been orphaned. They live and train together in an ancient temple past the bone labyrinth. They perform elaborate and… Read More

Alice is craving meat for the first time in years. Raw, bloody, meat. An illustrated journal about a teenage girl and her older brother slowly turning into werewolves, and the new world they find themselves in. They are hunted by strangers, looking to kill. Doctors, looking to use their werewolf blood as a cure for… Read More

–purchase this book direct from the publisher- This is a crevice book . . . a shadow volume whose pages were written in the cracks of ancient cities and long since forgotten. Nine stories, nine shadows . . . words tattooed on skin, locked in towers, frozen under glass and sleeping with apple hearts, refusing… Read More