My short story, The Last Dryad, is in the Soul Jar anthology, edited by Annie Carl. Released in October 2023, this is a collection of 32 tales by disabled authors. As someone with diabetes and multiple sclerosis, I have struggled with disabilities and the stigma related to them throughout most of my adult life. Getting a story in this collection meant a lot to me, and this particular story is haunting and beautiful at the same time. A story about a disabled woman, curled up in the heart of a giant war mecha. It’s about trauma, and disability, and navigating a world that wishes to infantilize you and use your for your own means. Also, a very anti-war short story.

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An excerpt from my story:

A girl lived inside the heart of the machine. She nested where everyone could see, in a glass bubble inside the heartcavity. She was curled up fetal and surrounded by an architecture of metal and plastic. Her hair was ice and her eyes were amber and her skin was palimpsest. You could see the writing of her veins just beneath the surface, like roots from a tree.

Lights flittered around her in tiny arterial lamps. That had been her world for as long as she could remember. It felt like a billion years since they’d pulled her from the motherwomb, but it was probably closer to fifteen. Her body had grown, filled up the heartcavity with her flesh. Comfortable: it had been designed to fit her body. Amniotic fluid squished between her limbs. Breathe it in, it tasted like saltwater taffy.

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