Hey all! Awhile back I went and did a guest spot on If This Goes On podcast. Great stuff! A really fun interview with the two hosts, were we talk the entire gamut of things. From Horror, to Weird fiction, to my video game Bad Writer. We dig deep, have some fun, really a fantastic… Read More

the key the lock the broken song

This was a long winding road to where I am now. I started writing experimental literary stuff, mostly because what I liked to read/write/watch/consume where dreamlike, strange. I preferred startling images over concrete reality, slippery moments of time that felt unreal. Even when I created complex, real characters, I put them into moments and situations… Read More

Hey everyone! So the first episode of my new horror round table podcast, Fear is the Fire that Lights the Heart dropped on Halloween! Oh the spooky, oh the horror, oh however shall we survive this terrible terror? The episode is called May All Your Homes be Haunted, and is all about haunted houses and… Read More

the key the lock the broken song

Of course, first and foremost! The spookiest of the spooky is my latest novel from Underland, Glass House And with that out of the way, here are some short stories of mine that are online that I think will give you thrills and chills.… Read More

Oh cool! A nice review online for Candlebook Island. Check it out! and make sure to snag a copy of the game when you’re done. Check out the review here at freeappsforme.… Read More

Hey all you cool cats and kittens, I have some fun news to share with everyone. As of this moment, right now, I am hosting a horror podcast. Yessirree, yes indeedy, yes indeedly do. Yours truly, like a Vincent Price or Vampirella or Elvira, but for horror writers and publishers and editors. Each month we… Read More

“GORGEOUS, EVOCATIVE, SPOOKY as hell, Paul Jessup’s latest novel is infused with terror, yearning, and twisted love. Impeccable and poetic prose, powerful characterization, a haunting that lingers on. A MINUS” See it on twitter: https://twitter.com/booktweeting/status/1713743670057320577 See it on bluesky: https://bsky.app/profile/booktweeting.bsky.social/post/3kbtkwfqwx32y Buy Glass Househttps://pauljessup.com/books/glass-house/… Read More

Or, rather, the writer that makes the tools, I guess you could say? Let’s get this one thing out in the open right away- you don’t need a special keyboard to write. You don’t. You don’t even need a computer. You can write with a cheap ass pen on the inside walls of your home,… Read More

I have two more books coming out next year, and I think I might attempt to combine a virtual and physical book launch, and wrap it up into the same evening. Maybe have it be broadcast live? That could be fun. And allow people online to say “hey, I want a signed copy,” make a… Read More