Paul Jessup is not your average, humdrum, run of the mill, every day, horror writer. He’s been at this game for a little over 20 years now, getting his start in the literary experimental underground scene where he combined elements of extreme horror with the stylings of the beat poets combined with the modernist and post modernist experimentation. During this period he had a bunch of short stories published in literary magazines (including one winning the Virginia Perryman Award for excellence in short fiction in 2000), and a few small experimental novels (Angelwings and Finerthings and Beware the Glass Rabbit).

From there he decided to branch out, and away from literary journals and presses, and started trying his hands in the more pure genre landscapes. He garnered publications in Apex Digest (and Apex Magazine), Clarkesworld Magazine, Fantasy Magazine, Psuedopod, Nightmare, The Harrow, Interzone, Strange Horizons, Innsmouth Free Press, Candle in the Attic Window, and so many more he’s lost count. It’s somewhere over 150 publications now, and it spins the head just to think about.

Mostly known for combining horror and science fiction or horror and folk lore, some of his more popular short stories are The Skinless Man Counts to Five, Secret in the House of Smiles, Ghost Technology from the Sun, Apple Magick, Mister Waterbones and his Wife, and The House at the End of the World.

He’s had quite a few books published in the years, mostly in the small press. His most current novel is Glass House, a cosmic horror haunted house novel put out by Underland Press. Next year, he has two more books coming out from Underland, The Skinless Man Counts to Five and other tales of the macabre (a short story collection), and Cancer Eats the Heart, a horror novel about a girl raised to believe she was the antichrist, and a cult of ritualistic serial killers hunting her down.

He makes some video games on the side, with a few being on the Nintendo Switch, and one being a best seller. Hey! Imagine that. He’s also an active pro member of HWA.