I’m not sure why Magic for Beginners by Kelly Link and Under the Pink by Tori Amos are linked in my mind. I came to them years apart, almost a decade. I was in two completely different stages of my life, one I was in highschool with a crush on a girl that had leant… Read More

A few weeks ago I was re-reading my favorite short stories in the Shirley Jackson inspired When Things Get Dark anthology. Tiptoe, of course, being one of the top horror short stories I’ve ever read. It’s use of dread, of language, of slippery ambiguity is interesting, and it does so many things that most readers… Read More

Just writing to let you cool cats and kittens know that I had a recent interview with Game Developer magazine for Candlebook Island. COOL. I talk about programming, about what I was trying to accomplish with the game, all that fun stuff. https://www.gamedeveloper.com/design/candlebook-island… Read More

So, the amazing author Silvia Moreno-Garcia commissioned me to do pixel art based around her novel, Mexican Gothic, as a thank you surprise to her fans for Christmas. This was a lot of fun to do, I re-read the book, as well as looking at other art she commissioned to figure out how it will… Read More

Wow. A lot of cool stuff happened in 2023. A LOT. And here I thought I had a good 2022, what with creating the best selling game (Bad Writer) and getting Skinless Man Counts to Five published, and then on the Stoker Recommended Reading List for that year. So let’s see what happened! I released… Read More

Yes, you heard that right! I have a new short story collection coming out March next year. It collects all of my horror short stories dating all the way back to 2006, and my first few publications. All of them are surreal, and strange, and very uniquely Paul Jessup. This will be published by Underland… Read More

Hey all! Awhile back I went and did a guest spot on If This Goes On podcast. Great stuff! A really fun interview with the two hosts, were we talk the entire gamut of things. From Horror, to Weird fiction, to my video game Bad Writer. We dig deep, have some fun, really a fantastic… Read More

the key the lock the broken song

This was a long winding road to where I am now. I started writing experimental literary stuff, mostly because what I liked to read/write/watch/consume where dreamlike, strange. I preferred startling images over concrete reality, slippery moments of time that felt unreal. Even when I created complex, real characters, I put them into moments and situations… Read More

Hey everyone! So the first episode of my new horror round table podcast, Fear is the Fire that Lights the Heart dropped on Halloween! Oh the spooky, oh the horror, oh however shall we survive this terrible terror? The episode is called May All Your Homes be Haunted, and is all about haunted houses and… Read More