That’s right cats and kittens! Tomorrow is the big day. I’ll be at Werner Books in Erie PA from about 5:30pm to about 7:30pm celebrating the release about my new novel, Glass House. Come on down and celebrate with us! I’m going to talk a bit about the book, sign some copies, maybe read a… Read More

There are some story shapes I return to all the time, both as a reader and as a writer. They pull at some part of my brain, tugging away at the grey matter until it unravels, like a loose thread on an old sweater. Haunted Houses are one such idea. I’ve done a few of… Read More

That’s right, today is the release day for Glass House! Go on, go out and buy yourself a copy, and then come back here and celebrate. We’re going to party all day with pizza and horror movies at Casa Jessup. Next Monday we’re going to celebrate the book launch in person at the local Werner… Read More

That’s right boils and ghouls, the weird and wild haunted house novel drops in less than a day! If you pre-ordered it, you should be getting your copies soon. Make sure you post pics of it on social media and tag me, I love seeing that stuff. If you haven’t pre-ordered it yet, well, get… Read More

That’s right! On October 9th, we’ll be celebrating the launch of my next book, Glass House at Werner Books. I’ll read a little, talk a little about the book, sign some copies, all that fun stuff. We’re going to hang, celebrate, and have a blast! Stop by, by a copy of Glass House and hell,… Read More

Look what came in the mail! My physical copy of Locus Magazine, which I’ve had a subscription to forever. Really, if you’re a genre writer, you need a subscription to it. It’s mandatory rite of passage, etc. Anyway, it turns out I was in Locus this month, with my picture and everything. I was in… Read More

The website before was originally very simple, on purpose. I was having a new publication or game maybe every year or so, not a lot of stuff to post at all. I had stopped blogging for a bit, since twitter was fun and a better place (at the time) to hold conversations with other writers… Read More

I have a short story in the upcoming anthology from Underland called the Cozy Cosmic, a cool cozy take on cosmic horror. My story? The Museum of Endless Summer. Perfectly cozy! About the corpses of mermaids washing up on the beach, a missing mother who went beneath the waves to find the sleeping red king,… Read More