Hey all you cool cats and kittens, I have some fun news to share with everyone. As of this moment, right now, I am hosting a horror podcast. Yessirree, yes indeedy, yes indeedly do. Yours truly, like a Vincent Price or Vampirella or Elvira, but for horror writers and publishers and editors. Each month we gather up a round table of various authors and the like and discuss a topic in the field we love so much

The first episode drops on Halloween, and is all about Haunted Places. The guests for our inaugural outing are Nadia Bulkin (editor of Why Didn’t You Just Leave, and author of She Said Destroy), Frances Pai (founder/editor of Demagogue Press and editor of Cozy Cosmic anthology), and Aimee Picchi author of 9 Lies You Tell Yourself about Ghost Hunting and Image Not Found: Francesca’s Bridge (upcoming in the December issue of Deadlands).

Check it out here, and subscribe with your favorite podcatcher:

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