I just got the cover for my next book, Daughter of the Wormwood Star! To be released this October from Underland Press. What an amazing cover. It fits the book so well, since the ending takes place in a run down old lighthouse, one that is suggested to look like a tarot card. This is… Read More

Huzzah! My short cozy cosmic horror story, Tim and Tam Go to the Library, will be in the Even Cozier Cosmic anthology, coming this October from Underland Press. The snow is falling. The library is warm. Their mother is dead, but that’s okay. Tim and Tam have peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and all the… Read More

Hey everyone! Werner Books, my neighborhood haunt (literally a few blocks from where I live!) is going to have a massive local author book signing event. Forty six authors in total! I’ll be there as well, signing copies of Skinless Man Counts to Five as well as Glass House. Come on in, hang out, buy… Read More

Guess what dropped earlier in the day! My second podcast for the day- this one with Shaggy’s House Of Horrors! This one was a lot of fun, we talk about so much stuff. Esp my short story collection Skinless Man Counts to Five, and my next two novels, as well as awesome horror movies. They’re… Read More

Hey all you cool people in the haunted family we call horror! Here is the first solo podcast I did for the If This Goes On (Don’t Panic!) podcast, all about Hope in Horror. I’m going to be doing quite a few of these things, and I’m super excited for you guys to hear it.… Read More

Some fantastic news! Tonight at 7PM PDT or 10PM EST me and fellow Underland Press Author Elad Haber will be reading from our collection short story collections, as a part of Story Hour. It will be streamed on Facebook. Come on in, check it out, and hear as we both read some of our best… Read More

For Independent Bookstore Day, me and a bunch of other local authors are going to be at Werner Books signing books and hanging out and talking with people. Stop on by! Support your local bookstore! Hang out, have some coffee, chat for a bit, grab your new favorite book.… Read More

Check it out! I have a crazy sword and planet short story at StarShipSofa. It’s called the Glorious Tunnels of Our Gravity Dragons. It’s got wyrmholes made by gravity dragons, twin sisters who are hunting and closing illegal portals, and a psychotic princess of mars (with her pet bear, Mister Buttons). Enjoy!http://www.starshipsofa.com/blog/2024/04/10/starshipsofa-730-paul-jessup/… Read More