Yes, you heard that right! I have a new short story collection coming out March next year. It collects all of my horror short stories dating all the way back to 2006, and my first few publications. All of them are surreal, and strange, and very uniquely Paul Jessup. This will be published by Underland Press, the same people who brought you Glass House.

Table of Contents:
Introduction: How the Heart Sings to Horror
The House at the End of the World
Light Like Knives Dragged Across the Skin
Apple Magick
The Happiness of Pinned Wings
Last Stand of the Antmaker
Watch me Burn with the Light of Ghosts
Fingerbones, Hung like Mobiles
Glass Coffin Girls
Red Hairs
Stone Dogs
Secret in the House of Smiles
When Max was Hungry Again
This Hunted World
Jars of Rain
Wire Rabbit
Fake Plastic Trees
A Gift of Teeth
Summer Cannibals
It Tasted like the Sea
Ghost Technology from the Sun
The Skinless Man Counts to Five

If you all ask nicely, I might just post the introduction here at some point. You know, as a treat.

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