The website before was originally very simple, on purpose. I was having a new publication or game maybe every year or so, not a lot of stuff to post at all. I had stopped blogging for a bit, since twitter was fun and a better place (at the time) to hold conversations with other writers and gamedevs. So a single page, straight up HTML5 and javascript site was perfection.

And then in the last two years shit got crazy. I got a new novel out, a two book deal, three short stories published, with one of them being a 2022 HWA Recommended Reading for the Stoker Awards. I had three video games come out on the Nintendo Switch (and elsewhere), and one of the games turned into a best seller almost over night. It was crazy.

And that old website languished. It was hard to update, since I was just editing HTML5 and that was it. For one or two things? No problem. For the onslaught of new stuff? It became a bear to keep it all straight. I couldn’t have kept going with it if I wanted to keep my sanity. And with twitter being a bloated zombie corpse of it’s former self, I decided…you know what? I kind of want to start blogging, too.

So here we are. After a few days of hammering about, mixing things up, messing things up, I created a new site. I liked the basic design ideas of the old, so I kept them (but simplified). That main page was becoming a mess, and I wanted to get the information to the website visitor without losing them in the weeds. I broke down and split into (gasp) multiple pages, and no longer just using the single page design.

It works, though. And this is going to be so much easier to keep building off of as I move forward with my career through the years. I still need to update a bunch of info, including adding upcoming events (an in person book launch, a podcast interview, a new podcast about horror that I’m hosting, and two anthology book launches that I have stories in).

So, come in, kick back. Go ahead, put your feet up and relax. Things are going to get wild around here soon enough, you might as well enjoy the quiet…

For now.

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