I went for my usual walk at lunch, and lo and behold, what do I see? A vintage writing desk! One of the ones from the before times, with all the nooks and cubbies and stuff for shoving notes and envelopes in. A front desk part that pulls out, to make it easier to type, with the keyboard right above your lap, at the perfect spot that’s good on the back (though back in those days, it was a type writer).

The desk was on the side of the road, with a bunch of other antiques, all free for the taking. Since I have to move in a few months, I decided to only take the writing. Right now I was using a cheap plastic folding table as my writing desk. Don’t get me wrong! It worked very well. But this is so much better! It oozes mood and atmosphere. I love it.

Sure, it’s a bit dinged up and smelled like cat. Sure it’s missing one drawer. But I don’t care! Look at it. It looks awesome. And I cleaned it up and dusted it off because my son is allergic to cats, so…if there was any residual dander I had to make sure I didn’t bring it into the house.

I am beyond happy with this find. All it cost me was the time it took to lug it two blocks by myself. Something I was able to do, even though I know I’m going to feel it tomorrow morning. Ow.

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