I have two more books coming out next year, and I think I might attempt to combine a virtual and physical book launch, and wrap it up into the same evening. Maybe have it be broadcast live? That could be fun. And allow people online to say “hey, I want a signed copy,” make a purchase online, I sign it on camera. That could be fun! Though the logistics of it might be a bit tricky. Yet, if I could pull it off…it would be interesting.

I’m also tempted to do a small signing tour for this book to help promote it. Maybe hit some bookstores in Erie (there are two or three here), go to some in Buffalo, and then to the few in Cleveland. Maybe hitting one or two smaller bookstore along the way. Erie is right in the middle of those two cities, so it’s doable. The question is, do I have the energy to get that done? I’ll have to think on that, because that *is* an important question here. Multiple Sclerosis and diabetes does suck out the energy, but it might be doable. And could be fun!

I would have to call the bookstore and get that setup. Would be nice to bookend it with Werner Books. Consider the book launch the first day of the tour, and then hit Werner Books for a signing at the tail end of the tour.

It’s something to think about, anyway. Also, if you want a signed copy, I have four available for purchase on gumroad, just for the cost of the book+shipping ($21).


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