Episode 2 of the LitPunch Podcast

And now for Episode 2 of the LitPunch podcast. Where I talk about the cult of Author as Brand and then do in depth analysis of my short story Summer Cannibals. You can subscribe to the podcast using your feed reader of choice here:  http://pauljessup.com/category/litpunch/feed/ 

Episode One of the LitPunch Podcast

This is that podcast thing I’ve been threatening to do for ages. I ramble about things. Like, publishing things. People might get mad. I compare kindle  e selfpub’ers to scientologists. I also want weird shit. More weird shit. Gimmie weird weird weird weird.

Light up from the outside in

You’ll have to excuse me now cause my muscle ache. But yeah my brain, it’s better. I can think now and speak now. I’m not 100% okay yet, but I’m not pausing every other word, concentrating on getting the words to make sense anymore. Like, Saturday, I don’t know. I think that was part of … Continue reading

Exercises in Style

You know what I like is reading things in blogs and such about writing, but not the usual do this don’t do this do that kind of thing, I prefer a conversation, you know? I don’t know, it used to be a few years ago that blogs were more like conversations, all vertical conversations flowing … Continue reading