the way we fade on waking

I woke up way too early this morning from a dream where my childhood cat was still alive and trying to tell me something. But in the dream I knew he was dead and I was wondering how he got back here, got back to life. I’ve had this dream a lot, each one different … Continue reading

ChalkCircles: The Kickstarter post-mortem

Now it’s time for me to look inside that Kickstarter and see exactly what went wrong and where and all that jazz. My thoughts are probably wrong on all of this? Mostly because I’m pulling it out of my ass. Who knows. So- Kickstarter Fatigue This is mostly with publishing KS’ers, I think. But it … Continue reading

ChalkCircles: Down to the hours

We’re now counting the Kickstarter in hours. Biting nails. Screaming into buckets. Kicking over trash cans and lighting the world on fire. Here’s an overview of the kickass stuff we built around the chalk circles landscape, etc: Interactive Fiction Game: Teaser Trailer: Trailer: Excerpt: Also go and donate:

Chalk Circles: 1 Day Left on the Kickstarter

This is crazy stuff, down to the wire stuff. Who knows, you know? People have pulled off bigger things in less time? Maybe? Something like that? Anyway, doing another push later today. In the meantime, enjoy some cool free stuff the ChalkCircles team had put together during the course of this kickstarter: Interactive Fiction Game: … Continue reading