I just got the cover for my next book, Daughter of the Wormwood Star! To be released this October from Underland Press. What an amazing cover. It fits the book so well, since the ending takes place in a run down old lighthouse, one that is suggested to look like a tarot card. This is… Read More

Huzzah! My short cozy cosmic horror story, Tim and Tam Go to the Library, will be in the Even Cozier Cosmic anthology, coming this October from Underland Press. The snow is falling. The library is warm. Their mother is dead, but that’s okay. Tim and Tam have peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and all the… Read More

Guess what dropped earlier in the day! My second podcast for the day- this one with Shaggy’s House Of Horrors! This one was a lot of fun, we talk about so much stuff. Esp my short story collection Skinless Man Counts to Five, and my next two novels, as well as awesome horror movies. They’re… Read More

Hey all you cool people in the haunted family we call horror! Here is the first solo podcast I did for the If This Goes On (Don’t Panic!) podcast, all about Hope in Horror. I’m going to be doing quite a few of these things, and I’m super excited for you guys to hear it.… Read More

On of my favorite things in horror is when you have loosely themed trilogies that aren’t direct trilogies. More common in movies, there are a few in books (Peter Straub’s Blue Rose Trilogy comes to mind), and of course I aim to change that with my own horror trilogy novels that are a themed trilogy,… Read More

Ah, what a fine day for a horror book birthday! Cloudy grey and overcast, fog lapping through the streets in waves. Do you hear that? That screaming in the dark? Why it’s here, it’s alive! My horror short story collection The Skinless Man Counts to Five and other tales of the macabre look at how… Read More

That’s right, this Thursday is the launch party for Skinless Man Counts to Five and other tales of the macabre! My horror short story collection, filled to the brim and overflowing with such wonderful, terrifying stuff. Werner Books is located in Erie PA, so if you’re in the area on Thursday March 28th, at 6pm… Read More

Check it out! The conversation is fantastic, and we talked about all sorts of really cool stuff. From horror fiction, to how I come up with titles for stories, to how I wrote Glass House. I also take about my inspirations, prose, and we discuss other writers. I also talk about Werner Books, my local… Read More

Check it out! Tomorrow Paul Jessup will be live and talking about Skinless Man Counts to Five (and other tales of the macabre) with Gryftkin on YT tomorrow, 8pm EST! Show on up, listen to us talk about the spooky, the scary, the surreal and joy of short stories. Here you go! https://www.youtube.com/@gryftkin And when… Read More

One of the things I love about getting old anthologies and collections is reading over the introductions and prefaces. Not just for Year’s Best anthologies, but for ones that are like a survey and overview of specific subgenres, too (Space Opera Renaissance, Modern Classics of Fantasy, The Big Book series, The Weird, etc, etc). These… Read More