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  • Mexican Gothic Pixel Art
    So, the amazing author Silvia Moreno-Garcia commissioned me to do pixel art based around her novel, Mexican Gothic, as a thank you surprise to her fans for Christmas. This was a lot of fun to do, I re-read the book, as well as looking at other art she commissioned to figure out how it will… Read More
  • Candlebook Island
    Welcome to Candlebook Island! You play Fiona, the new monster veterinarian that just landed. Make friends with your coworkers, discover their lives and history. Treat sick monsters, and research mysterious illnesses you’re not sure how to cure at the library. Most of all – take care of yourself and Fiona. Keep her well rested, not… Read More
  • Catacomb Kitties
    There is a Big Bad Evil ™ that has come to destroy kitteh land. A cosmic horror from beyond the litter box wastes. And only one brave hero hears the call, to come forth and put an end to all the suffering across the meowtiverse. Choose your class, name your kitty, and set off on… Read More