The Worlds of Paul Jessup

Best selling video game designer, critically acclaimed and award winning author of haunted fantasy & weird futures

there in the pines
where no one goes
the ghosts hung sleeping
in the branches and boughs

you will know me by my shade

"Jessup’s imagination is magnificent”
Publisher’s Weekly
review of Close Your Eyes
"Paul Jessup is a writer but also a magician. He builds a world full of weird and beautiful things like bone labyrinths and ghost hearts with such dexterity that at the same time creeps and mesmerizes us”
Fabio Fernandes
Writer and translator, author of Love: An Archeology
"Jessup’s prose sometimes recalls Harlan Ellison at his most extravagant, invoking a lurid, elastic environment steeped in ritual yet with delirious magic”
Kirkus Reviews
review of Silence that Binds
"Lyrical, Dark Magic”
Natania Barron
author of Queen of None

-recent creations-

The Silence that Binds
The world is cursed and Nomi is missing. Can the seers find her, save her, before it's too late? Sureal, haunting, beautiful.

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Bad Writer
Find ideas. Write. Submit, and hope for publication. Play the best selling game that takes you through the joys of being a short story writer.

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You awake in a haunted landscape. Wander, explore, discover the weird world in this enigmatic platformer.

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-legacy creations-

Close Your Eyes
Language is a virus. Open this book. Read the words. Feel them infect you. Identity is a disease. Flip the pages. Stay up all night. Watch it transform you. You cannot deny it.

Glass Coffin Girls
Nine stories, nine shadows... words tattooed on skin, locked in towers, frozen under glass and sleeping with apple hearts, refusing to be defined. They are carved of light, and slither through your fingers like winter rain.

Open Your Eyes
Her lover was a supernova who took worlds with him when he died, and as a new world grows within Ekhi, savage lives rage and love on a small ship in the outer reaches of space.