Grendelsong Issue 2: Editorial, and first live short story

Grendelsong Issue 2 is now available for purchase on the Kindle. The Epub version for B&N and elsewhere is taking longer to update, but hopefully we can have it live on all webstores as soon as possible. The first two live bits and pieces are up! The editorial, by yours truly, and a short story We Ride the Stillness by Deborah Walker.

The short story is fantastic. It grabs you by the first sentence and does not ever let go. Next weekend we’ll be going live with Humberto Maggi’s longish scholarly essay on the White Snake folk tale and it’s reference to occultism. Great stuff. It will be going live with another short story, Sisters by the amazing Bonnie Jo Stufflebeam.

After that, we will be releasing two short stories every weekend, until the table of contents is completely live. As always, if you subscribe you get the full ebook (epub, kindle, mobi) a week ahead of the first story going live. You can also buy electronic versions ahead of time, if you want to read all the stories at once and not wait. They are excellent stories.

Grendelsong Issue 2


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