Reading 2312

So, reading 2312- my first Kim Stanley Robinson book. Really enjoying it so far- noticed he does use some Modernist methods in his writing, esp a sort of stream of conscious for the characters.
It’s not a rambling stream of conscious like Joyce/Proust/Woolf, but rather a restrained, muscular prose sort. Like with Hemmingway/Steine/Beckett. A more limited an intense, but it does allow for some meandering of thought based on character. Just not pages and pages of meanderings inside of meanderings.
I like it. It’s an interesting, minimalist take on the concept of interiority, one that plays towards plot and character and story, and moves away from stylish excess (which is good too).
Oh! And there are chapters of lists. I’ve always liked a good list based chapter. That sort of thing, when deployed correctly, can really deepen our understanding of character and world, but in a bullet point fashion. Something done really well in A Visit from the Goon Squad (and done well in 2312, but in a different fashion). It also reminds me of Delany’s SF work, which also used the tools of modernism. Sometimes, in a more restrained fashion like this (Nova, Empire Star, etc), and other times in a more elaborate fashion (Dhalgren, etc)

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