Magic of bone and blood

This heat is a beast of a thing. I’m supposed to be doing a comic thing sometime today, or yesterday, or whatever. But. This heat is oppressive. And a living thing. And the humidity crawls into my bones. Also it makes my MS be annoying and painful. Sharp pains. My bones hurt.

That said read this-

Because yes to that, all of that. I’ve often said I’m personally sick of video game logic that creates the existence of magic in most fantasies.  You know, it’s where there are specific rules and themes for magic. The magic follows an a->b formula. It’s not formulaic in the complex anthropological sense (go into any book on occultism (history-wise)), but rather smells of video game. Everything follows and flows from a simple set, and then the complication of this simple set creates the propulsion of the world.  It’s like the difference between the original Wickerman (primal, eerie, strange, based on anthropological concepts from actual neo-paganism/etc…Hand of Glory, Wickerman itself, Maypole dance, etc) and the remake of the Wickerman (a “themed” religion unlike anything we’ve seen in reality but more similar to a video game- in that it is all based around a certain concept. That of bees. And women. It makes too much conservative sense, it exists as a bogeyman and not an actuality, a reality).

I also think I’m going to try and blog again more frequently.  Though not sure what about. Maybe the usual- reading and such. Talking about books I’m looking at, writing, etc. Right now I’m reading Rhetorics of Fantasy and Solomon’s Secret Art. So this whole Deep Magic thing fits into it, in a brilliant and binding way.


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