makin comix makin comix

Me and Ben Jammin Ant Honey of Super Awesome Comics are making a comic together. It will be out when it’s out. He’s doing the art, I’m slinging the words. It’s going to be called The Truth, and it’s about cults. And kidnapping. But told in the style of an old sitcom. Think Cheers, or Taxi. But Sam Malone is kinda David Karesh.  And they like soup. And bees.

I’m enjoying this idea- I get to play with comics, which I haven’t done in ages. And I get to do something I’ve been meaning to do for a long time- disrupt, destroy, engage, and dissolve the sitcom format. Sitcoms have always been love/hate relationship with me. I know the writing is bad. I know the characters are simplistic. The jokes usually terrible. And the laughter is all ghost laughter (and in some cases the acting is all ghost acting, done by dead people). But when I was growing up I was sick a lot. Two things kept me going in the hours of sickness: reading and sitcoms. Some days I was too sick to read. Those days I would watch sitcoms.

I still use them as a form of comfort food. I still go back to them, watch them over and over. They are a bit mythic, no? The characters are simplistic, done with broad strokes. They are repetitive, each moment goes over the same formulas. The first season of most sitcoms setting up the formula. And then after that, they spin around, spin out. Sometimes tease against their own set ups. Their own rules.

Resetting everything back to null. No real character growth, except in death. Sitcoms are very interesting things in that aspect. And I’m enjoying the act of taking them apart, taking them down, rebuilding them. Comics, especially newspaper comics or older comics, had the same structure. The repetition. The lack of growth, the lack of change. The broad character types and personalities, boiled down to almost one pure emotion in human form. So it seems natural that these two go together.

I’m almost drawing my own comic thing. Though my art is my art, it’s simplistic. It will have more time put into it then Sparkles the Sad Dinosaur (which was fun!). I’m thinking of having it be about a little witch girl, going on adventures with her imaginary friends. I’m still working on it. Concept wise, etc. The influences for this are Frank, Peanuts, the old Scrooge McDuck comics, Codex Seraphinianus, Krazy Kat and Ignatz, etc, etc.

And I’m also working on a novel. And doing Bike for MS. So. Yeah. I guess you can’t say I’m lazy?


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