look look little strange worlds

So I’m toying with more thoughts with enigma house and everything. I was thinking about the stuff that’s fun and cool online, the proliferation of boxes of “stuff” being curated and sent through the mails. It would be a sense making thing, since I wanted to do this mostly as a physical thing. A real thing. A hand hold read by candlelight thing.

So. I’ve decided to build it up as a monthly membership. Each month get something weird. Something awesome. Something that pushes boundaries on what we think of as narrative, as fiction, etc. etc. Short, small, chapbook sized. Some will be just that. Maybe have pictures. Some maybe comics. Some maybe scripts for movies that don’t exist, or scripts for unexisting video games. Some maybe liner notes to albums, some will be fiction, non fiction, fiction. Others maybe published on the back of photos. Others stories on puzzle pieces, constructed of maps. Some maybe poetry some maybe poems some maybe prose some maybe maybe maybe…

The main theme is Read Dangerously. What form that takes- who knows? Each month will be surprise. I plan on having the first year setup in advance.

If this is giving you ideas- then please, send me things. I plan on having a frame of a website up soon. Sort of possible by next weekend. Until then, send me things. You can even just pitch me ideas. I don’t mind. Just don’t send me boring, bland, old and stuff. Send me something that will break me, bruise me, fill me up with tiny lizards.


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