open the house open the doors let the fires roar in

I am sorta kinda maybe opening Enigma House for submissions. Right now it would only be novella, though poetry collections maybe after that. 25-45k words. Strange surreal joyous experimentation. Send me stuff no one else will ever/has ever written.  Stuff I think about when I think about enigma house-

  • Banana Yoshimoto
  • Exercises in Style
  • Murakami (do I even need to say that?)
  • Mood Indigo (Forth on a Daydream)
  • Science of Sleep
  • Orange Eats Creeps
  • The Melancholy of Anatomy
  • Age of Wire and String – Ben Marcus
  • How to Keep Your Volkswagen Alive – Christopher Boucher
  • Georges Perec- La Boutique Obscure
  • EEE EEE EEE – Tao Lin

Send it to my email. Formatting is whatever. You could even mail it to me and have it written on the back of postcards. One postcard at a time. That could be fun. But you would have to find me first. And I’m hidden. And I’m secret. And I’m full of quiet birds.


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