Learning to Read Dangerously

Anyone who knows me well knows that the past few years I’ve been toying with the idea of starting a small press. It’s gone under many names, but the one that seems to stick around the most is Enigma House Books. I’ve also attached my slogan to it- Read Dangerously.

Anywazzle, I’ve taken the first few steps into making this a real thing. I’ve bought the domains for enigmahousebooks.com and read-dangerously.com. Nothing there yet, but I plan on putting some stuff up there soonish.

The books will be like joyous experimentation, the zee and zow of the strange and liminal. That feeling you get between, when you haven’t moved on and became something else, but instead are in the process of moving, in the process of becoming. Chrysalis books. Like that.

The press will focus on small books. Novellas and poetry collections, or flash fiction collections, or books that are interstitial in that they are not one genre but crosses genre lines to become something else. And I picture the books in print only, no ebooks. The covers should be unique, interesting, yet a standard between them. Like all the books can easily be seen to be from the same publishing house.

And somehow have them illustrated and such.  For those of you money eating dollar fish it will pay a tiny advance, 10% royalties, and one scream. Coffin Mouth writers know that those screams are good, quality screams. The kind you can savor and drink in the dull and dreary hours you’ve lost somewhere in the couch cushions of a clock.

Not open to submissions yet but it will be, it will be.


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