that hungry heart eats ghosts nomnom

I saw Mood Indigo on my internet hiatus as well. If you know me, you know I loved that crazy imagery that was all over. The technology of it is like some science fiction novel written in a parallel version of the 80’s.

The images are great, and I loved the play on Jean Paul Sartre. I had an existentialist kick when I was in High school and so I was a huge Camus/JPS fan, and loved this movie knocking him down.  Esp the heart grabber. Man, the dream tech in this movie is fantastic! The imagery! I would love to see a space opera in this fashion. Which means I should write one, of course.

Also: they treated his wife’s sickness very realistically, even through the surrealism. Just coming from both sides of the chronic illness fence, it felt very true, esp her “fake happiness” moments when she was trying to look better for other people. And her not wanting people to worry about her. Or her husband seeing her more as someone he loves who is sick, rather than his wife as a sexual object, and her pleading with him to see her as something more than a worry. It all had the ring of truth.

And I also saw the 90’s movie Safe. Which also dealt with sickness (both this and Mood Indigo where abstract sicknesses- this sickness here seemed like a chronic disease, similar and very close to MS, while Mood Indigo it felt more like cancer…both incurable, with relapses etc, so both similar) and it felt real here as well, esp with the doctor’s and etc acting like it was all something she dreamt up. And the way other people treated her, families, friends/etc. The cult too reminded me of some of the seminars and stuff for MS and the way they hock both pharmaceuticals or new agey “cures”.


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