Let me see your lightning again

So now I return, with internet full force. And the odd thing is? I actually spend less on the internet then before. I didn’t miss it much, and I got a lot done. Finished some stuff, sold some stuff. Got a short story accepted into one of my favorite ezines, Farrago’s Wainscot.

I also watched the Jodorowski Dune documentary, a bunch of Twin Peaks things. Read a lot. A ton. Science Fiction, non-fiction, Eco talking about fiction, etc. Narratology. All good stuff. And I was thinking about something-

Fantasy Genre has co-opted the terms magical realism and surrealism to try and describe something- new writing that is literary, but has elements of the fantastic that are heavily strange and weird. And I think that those terms feel like wrong terms, I’ve felt that for awhile.But what it boils down to is we’re talking about stories that have a literary approach (and sometimes experimental) to the prose/characters, etc. Heavy emphasis on the beauty of the words, etc. And these works also using the unreal to create powerful, startling images. The best short stories I’ve read have this images as the core of the story.

Like the beating heart of that story is a single image, with lots of images floating around it. Symbolic? Maybe. But that core image is what propels the story, and the story doesn’t unfold with plot, but instead unfolds in an imagistic way. The story is about these symbols moving, talking to each other. Sure there could be a plot, but the plot grows out of the images.

And I think that’s what we’re trying to describe when we describe these things. And I wonder, is there a better word? Something that acknowledges this? I don’t know.


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