That thing with stuff.

It’s been awhile since I updated? I was hiding out. Getting infusions, all that fun stuff. Anyway. Mostly I was gone writing a novel. That happens.

And now I feel worn down and empty. But it’s a good kind of empty. It’s all my words are used up and I need to replenish them. Maybe I should eat a dictionary? Or devour scrabble pieces? Crossword puzzles, get in my brainbox!

Or maybe just read. Probably that last thing. Also: walk with a cane now. Hopefully that’s just a temporary thing once I get on my MS meds and I’m in remission again (haven’t been in remission for months). But you can never tell, this disease is a motherfucker. Some of the problems I get stick around, others run away.


Also: plan on redesigning things around here. This theme bores me now.


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