cover for Her Blood The Apples, Her Bones The Trees

I was planning on doing more updates here, maybe even podcast my nano adventures on a daily thing. But my body is saying otherwise. The writingwriting in the novel is taking more out of me then it should. But I will try and plan on this. Doing maybe a podcast a week? Maybe moreso? Dunno.

It’s the same as it always with me re:writing. Lots of self doubt. Lots of fun. I know I’m going to have to get rid of the second chapter when I’m done. Completely unnecessary. But the rest is good. I think I have the tone down pretty well. Took me awhile to get the title, but here it is. I’ve also attached a mock cover to this blog post. Because I can. Why not, right? I wanted the mock cover to look like a Criterion Film bluray. Mostly because the feel of this book will be like, art film, occult horror, gothic, and other stuff. A very filmic feeling.

The title comes from a description of a ghost who protects/haunts an orchard. It so far has a very trance film feel in some sections. Others have reality kind of burning itself alive. It’s fun, at least. Fun.


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