Solstice #360DaysofSymbols

Day 29 of 360 Days of Symbols. Today’s symbol? Solstice.

As a joke every year the sisters would get together and hook the projector up to the ratty old VHS player. It was solstice time, and for them it was the time for the Wickerman. They would dig in basements for the tape, still pristine in the clamshell box. Pop it into the machine, listen to it whir, threaten to eat the tape and all, and then instead start playing.

Over and over again every year on the solstice they played it. The voices were warbling, and the sound was strange and almost under water. It added to the surreal feelings the movie provoked. Love and lust and horror and joy. They would clutch each other when Christopher Lee would speak as Lord Summer Isle and squeal too happy when he sang.

Tape so worn he seemed like a ghost, touching them still. Now in their forties, now time worn on them all. Two divorces between them, no children but the ghosts of promises. Still, here, still now, they feel the electric surge inside as they view the mock pagan rituals. Sexual. Nymphetic.

When they slept they dreamt of that island, dreamt of hands filled with apples. The sacrifice worked, the sacrifice always worked. They would waken happy and satiated with the taste of autumn on their tongues.


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