Rainbow #360DaysofSymbols

Day 21 of 360 Days of Symbols. Today’s symbol? Rainbow.

The first report of the rainbow sickness was heard on NPR of all places. A joke, mostly, some thought maybe it was an April Fool’s joke poking fun at Ebola. Bad taste they say. Save it for the Onion they say.

Then other places started to hum with those words. Rainbow. Sickness. Instagram was flooded with images, people bent over, vomiting prismatic light.  Vines of shaking bodies surrounded by corpses, eyes of rainbows, lips of rainbows, everything rainbows. A sick pool of illumination on the floor, probably from mouth, probably ejaculated through the stomach.

It burns when it comes out of your mouth. Like vomiting hot coals. It also ejects through your nostrils, out on the floor. The fire is like no other. It is like the fire of birth, the fire of life.

The laughter comes as well, so quick. Some say it’s the first sign, laughter at everything, smiling all of the time. Then you start speaking in baby talk, nonsense syllables, voice in a high pitched koochie koo. Then, the last stage. The expulsion of rainbow light from your lungs, out the mouth and nose, splash on the ground. Burning, burning.

The autopsy will show you had dust for insides. That something burned you up from the heart outward.


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