Bubble #360DaysofSymbols

Day 13 of 360 Days of Symbols. Today’s symbol? Bubble.

Cities float by in bubbles, surround different landscapes in bubbles, drift through clouds and near the sun, almost popping but not. Not quite. Rainbow edges throw off light and make the air incandescent. Inside are mock buildings, mock creatures, puppet shows. To the unwary they look cities full of millions, floating through the world. To those who know these are tiny plays, tiny universes, mechanical shadow cities whose existence is to distract, is to entertain, is to pull the viewer away, far away. So that this world is empty for the others, who come down and claim it, knowing that this world not last too long under their care. Maybe a month or two before it goes stale, and turns into an empty husk, mined for all the dreams it contains.


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