rise up rise up rise up like wings

Last weekend I had an infusion treatment for this current M.S. relapse and as usual it made me feel better during the infusion, but right after my last day I crash. It’s like I can’t move or do much of anything for the bulk of a week.  Everything hurts. Breathing, moving, hurts. All my symptoms come back 10 fold, and I usually get a whole bunch of new ones dancing around under my skin.

Dunno if this happens to anyone else on them. But it’s always been that way if they don’t use a taper (which they didn’t this time).

So. I’m finally FINALLY starting to feel alive again. Had a lot of catching up to do. Had some work I needed to finish that was waiting/waiting. So.Yeah. I plan on posting here more. I have a new episode of LitPunch podcast I’m coordinating with some awesome writers. We’re going to do a round table thingy about fantasy, and using it as a tool or a weapon against real world problems and issues. Should be interesting. I’ll have more posted here when I know more.

I’m also reading a bit of epic fantasies, and a lot of faerie tales and mythology, cultivating ideas for some novel or blogpost or such and such later on. I also plan on updating this website. The current layout/etc is like five years old. That’s five years too old for me.

I’m also thinking of doing some epub formats for fun. A bunch of CSS files and the like publishers can use for nicely formatted files. Ones that look cool and complex and not just text.


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