Chalk Circles: Cracking Codes/Skulls

this is an excerpt from Chalk Circles, a serial novel with it’s very own Kickstarter. If you like please either share or donate:

We run down to the subways all just still wearing whatever. Even Heather is still in her pajamas. We got sacks on our backs and the people around us are crammed in tight. We push in and past, jumping turnstiles and shouting at each other.

We jump in a car laughing and feel the world shaking around us. Our car is mostly empty car but there is a group of like three or four motherfuckers all dressed up. Brown suede coats on scraping the floor. Nice buttoned down shirts and slick backed hair. They swipe on tablets and they all look exactly alike in their blond chiseled good looks. Movie star looking motherfuckers and they feel all fake. I don’t know if its the whiskey in my blood or what, but they feel so plastic or something. Like if you touch them your hand will go right through all these layers of illusion and light.

Eddie pulls us back. Pulls us to the far end. The three of them turn to look, scoff, and then go back to it. And that’s when I see it. They’re using those tablets, you know?

Eddie’s got us huddled together in the corner and he jumps up and looks like a whack a mole. Then he whispers.

“That’s them. Don’t look. Them. They look like, you know. That guy I swiped it from. You know? That tablet. Those tablets.”

I spin around and I look. They sort of all blur together and I feel like everything is so absurd. I feel like I’m in a Kafka story, and I know I’ve got to stop staring. I can’t do it I can’t stop it. I stare and I try and look through them, like they’re transparent, like they don’t exist. And even this, this is a form of staring, so then Eddie smacks me and smacks me hard so hard it stings. “I said don’t fucking look.”

“Fuck you,” I say. And then well, whatever. We’ve been noticed. So I shout, “Hey! You guys! Yeah you guys!” they just ignore us like we don’t exist, like we’re invisible, “Hey you fuckers. Look at me! Look at me you mother fuckers!”

And Eddie is growing red with rage he is so pissed at me. I’m still shouting because I don’t care if I piss him off. Fuck him. He’s already beaten me stupid.“You wizards or something? Is that it? You a bunch of witches or something? Where’s your motherfucking coven, huh? Where’s your motherfucking coven!”


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