Darin Bradley’s Chimpanzee

So. I got this book yesterday and I dipped into it a little thinking I’ll read a tiny smidgen and then put it down and read more later, like I usually do.  Except that didn’t happen. Instead I read on and on and on. Until three in the morning I’m done and  fall down and fall asleep and dream of things other than this book.

It’s a dystopia but it’s not like the others. I guess I can split them up, move pieces around, talk about them in other ways. Most dystopias can be shoved aside. Can be called Orwellian and then act like well, yes, we know this is possible but it’s a warning, a fairy tale,  something that we can put aside and just point to when shit happens. Because those are comic exaggerations of things, to the point of where the realness of it can’t ever really ever sink in. Like those Hunger Games. Like the Circle. Like, on and on and on.

Then there are active dystopias- active dystopias. Ones that kind of shock you. Ones that actually disturb you. Ones that make you think and think and think and think afterwards. They do things to you, move things around inside of your head. Noise was one. And now Chimpanzee is too.

But more so.And it makes a good companion piece to Noise. It’s philosophical a delves into a lot of stuff that you can see happening in Noise but kind of in the background, like how the character’s think and how they act.The two books are not sequels, but instead keys to the other. For understanding either, you need to read both. And then new thoughts flood in. New ways of reading.

Ah well. Snag it. Grab it. Whatever. It’s a new personal favorite.


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