Chalk Circles: An Excerpt of things.

rabbit dreamI dream of the world turning into rabbits and buildings catching on fire. When I wake I mutter and my mouth is sticky and gross and I have a headache. The light is sunlight and I feel blind for a moment. Eddie is in the middle, clutching the tablet and I shield my eyes from the daylight and walk towards him. He’s on the ground, looking like shattered glass. His fingers caress that tablet and I sit next to him, in the center of the circle of ash.

“Didn’t work.”

“It’s alright, right? It’s all alright. Let’s get stoned. Come on.”

“You don’t get it.”

He stands up and screams and kicks the tablet and of course it doesn’t break, why would it? He kicks the knife and then yells some more and I know when to just bow out. I need to be quiet, and just kind of move back, and let him let all of this out. I knew this rage. I’ve seen this rage so often. This was Eddie’s rage all burnt up and let out and I know to let him go. Go, go, go.

Smash and broken glass and laughter. “I want to see it! Why can’t I see it? Why is our world so broken and all I get is glimpses. Do you get that Len? Right? I just get glimpses of the cracks and I want more. Why does that rich motherfucking asshole get to see it? Why does he get that world and all we have is this? Why do we get this broken piece of shit when he gets to go beyond it all?”

I just let him go, I don’t respond.

And then? And then.

“Let’s burn this place down.”

And yeah sure what the hell. Let it all burn.

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