Exercises in Style

You know what I like is reading things in blogs and such about writing, but not the usual do this don’t do this do that kind of thing, I prefer a conversation, you know? I don’t know, it used to be a few years ago that blogs were more like conversations, all vertical conversations flowing across different blogs, cross links to each other and all that. And now it doesn’t feel like that anymore, I don’t know why. People aren’t talking with each other, instead there is like this whole responding in comments, or responding on facebook etc. And what this does it creates a different conversation, one that is less like equals discussing things and more flat, more like you have the original post which is like the main thing and then all the comments are subordinate to that. They are more like responses, instead of conversations. They are talking at each other rather than with each other. Or something like that.

I’m thinking now about stuff like this-> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sAxoRh06XM4. You know? I mean that’s about comedians and all that, but I think in some ways it pertains to writing too. Or maybe  How Music Works, which is about music/isn’t about music at all.

Or Wonderbook, espicially Wonderbook which feels exactly like a conversation. There is a back and forth with everything, for every word of advice there is a sidebar, or an interview with a writer that contradicts it in the most interesting of ways. Or hey now, was watching some musicians on Showtime on some show talking back and forth about the whole thing, and it was like…there is a love and passion that shines through and the love of talking about it shines through. I think it was Another Day, Another Time and it was great just watching all this musicians who respect the hell out of each other just talking about it, talking about the work.

Or yes, maybe Junot Diaz at the NYPL talking to Toni Morrison about writing (and oh shit, oh yes, it’s great): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=huSOtlQa0fY

I was thinking about that. What would be interesting would be a podcast like for writers, where it’s like a roundtable. Where it’s just them discussing the whole thing, and have it be this passionate conversation, back and forth, discussing all of it. I think that would be interesting. A roundtable, some decent writers and some guests every once and awhile, and it’s like a loose thing, all about just about the whole thing, all of it. The only rule? No talk about hustling. No discussion on the whole business aspect of it. What the hell you know? I mean, yeah it’s a business. But that’s all everyone talks about these days on blogs and it just needs to move away from that somehow. It needs to be more than that, hell I need it to be more than that.

And it wouldn’t be like basic shit. Like, oh adverbs and adjectives and blah blah blah or how to construct a blah blah scene, but instead it’ll just be about what there is to love about it. It will be about the passion of writing, about how it lives and breathes inside of us and sometimes, yes, sometimes it keeps us from drowning but not all the time.

ps- I stole this title.


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