So, I can check off another dream I had from before as a kid/teenager/early twenty something as actually happening. A one act I entered into a local one-act competition is going to be put on at a local theater for their whole night of one acts thingy. It’s great. I’m going to be able to see something I wrote being spoken about by actors pretending to be characters I wrote. I am beyond excited about this. I just remember scribbling plays in Highschool after reading Lorca and Tennessee Williams and Beckett and Chekhov and all these other plays (some obscure lost things I found in used bookstores that no one probably remembers) and wanting to see them live these plays I wrote, live and exploding in front of me. And now I have that chance. And I can call myself a playwright now, which is even awesome-er. Maybe I should try to do more of these? I think I shall. I’m actually kind of mad at myself for not writing plays in over two decades now (bad Paul! BAD! No treat for you! Go sit in the yard and wait until the sun burns you alive!) but hey I’m doing it now I’m doing it. And that’s okay. And if I never ever see another play of mine live and exploding on stage? Well then, yes, that’s okay too. I’m having it happen now right now and that’s more than good enough for me.

I’m thinking over the stuff I’ve been doing this year. I’m shifting gears somehow someway. Returning to how I used to write and what I used to write about and write for, and I’m doing it with all the shit I’ve learned in the last two decades or so with writing and writing and more writing. I’ve written some essays, written some poetry, gotten all of them published. Now a play. I also wrote  a novel that’s different from all this other stuff I’ve been doing over the years. And I think, yeah. I think, okay. I think, something feels different now. I feel like I’m returning back to that age when I was in love with writing things with knife edges like poetry plays and rambling novels…and I think I’m taking in all this other stuff I’ve compiled through the years, all the things I’ve done and now it’s coming out like a sun like a light like a dream on fire.

Or something.

Anyway: the play. It’s called Bookends (after the Simon and Garfunkel song). Once I have more details on when and such and how it’s going to be live I’ll post them here.


2 thoughts on “Bookends.

    • Yes! Nothing is better for dialogue than playwriting. Also helps you establish character through dialogue in a more natural way, since in a play you really don’t have much else to go on to establish a character, I don’t think

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