pinchskin needlepush

Or: Adventures in MS. Or something.

So I started Copaxone yesterday and I was like, okay, yeah I can do this. I don’t want to use the autoinjector because…well, I don’t like it. No sir, I no like it. And the manual method seemed pretty easy and straightforward. Pinch that skin, slide the needle in, push the plunger down, we’re good to go. They showed me how to do it yesterday, and this morning was my first day doing it myself. And so I got up this morning. I didn’t do it straight away, was too tired and groggy and headfulladreams to try and stick a needle in my leg and not get it into my eye or forehead instead. (RHYMING YAY). After about 15 minutes though of the needle staring at me, I’m like shit yeah, I’m awake enough, I can do this.

I clean the area. Wash my hands, get the sharps container right next to me. Pull the needle out. I think, yeah, okay, yeah I’m good yeah, I’ll do it. Slide it in, didn’t hurt at all, no problemo. And then I stand up and I can’t walk. Like major leg cramps and muscle spasms. But hey, those are MS territory, and I’ve had them because of MS before, no big no big. And then I realized: oh shit, this is my right leg. My MS affects the left side of my body. And then I think oh shit,  that’s where the needle went. And then OH SHIT I FORGOT TO PINCH THE SKIN.

One call to a nurse later I find out I injected the muscle, and that the feeling will last for about a day or so. WHOOPEEE. Tomorrow I get to inject my stomach. FUNZ. I’m going to make a reminder, a list of EXACTLY what I need to do and check those fuckers off. I’m not going to make my stomach feel like this. I would be fucked.


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