Enter Title Here

That title, it’s a lazy title. It’s the default what it says or something. It’s also ambiguous, and I like ambiguity.  Stretches the reader out, lets the reader participate in the creation of the text. Or some sorta pomo mumbojumbo wicketywash like that.

Looks like I’m quiet everywhere, right? Like quiet here and on twitter and on the facebookery…but meh yeah hey yeah that’s how things roll sometimes. You get busy with stuff that you’re working on and the whole universe shuts out and then you become enmeshed in this other thing, and it kind of consumes you for awhile until it spits you back out. Like some large leviathan thingy eating you whole and letting you digest for a bit until it sneezes or something.

On the good news thingy, I’m nearing the end of a novel I’ve been working on for about three years off and on. It’s an interesting thing, this thing I’m writing thing. It’s different than your other things, but if you like my things you’ll like this thing as well. Let’s hope I can make it scream in your brain. Then you will thank me…with much moreso howlings in the bones.

Sidenote: I like bones. Fictional ones, anyway. Or maybe symbolic ones? Je ne sais pas os*.

Anyway, bones and ghosts. The words have a kind of rhythm to it and the symbolism behind them is kinda rich and yeah potent with meaning in our own reflections. You could go the simple route and be like oooh it’s all about fear of mortality! 

But yeah that’s too simple and no simple things aren’t true. Occam’s razor applies in a way, because the complex thing is made up of a ton of simple things. You just need to boil it down.

Also: for my generations, video games also carry symbolism and weight. It’s all part of childhood. I mention Zelda and some part of the brain lights up and connects all these stars in your head and everything changes. It’s inter-textual. Arcades, text games, NES, SNES,  it’s like the zeitgeist of our moment, the symbolic language of a generation.

I’m rambling now. Am I rambling now?

Oh yeah. Novel. Almost done. Also? Working on top sekrit thing I will show you when the lights are right for breaking.

*yes, that’s like the dog latin equivalent of French.


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