Sunsorrow in Swords & Mythos anthology

Swords & Mythos

Look at that. My Jack Vance Dying Earth meets Lovecraft meets The Road (McCarthy dontchaknow) style short story SunSorrow is in the upcoming awesome Swords & Mythos anthology put out by Innsmouth Free Press, one of the coolest publishing houses this side of Carcossa. The writing style of this one is interesting- the rhythms of the prose is inspired by The Road, the world is taken a springboard form Dying Earth, and of course there is mythos inspired things shuffling around in the darkness.

It’s going to come out later this year, and yeah, you should pick it up. The table of contents seem great to me, and I’m really excited to read what’s inside of it.

Check the full TOC here:

& here is a small taste of the weirdness of my story….

She remembered:
Shoving little face under the water and it struggled and she held it down and it was flailing and she pushed harder. She couldn’t look down. Couldn’t look into the eyes. She wanted to stop existing, she wanted to stop being but she couldn’t she had to keep on living so pushed it down harder. Cramming the head against the rocks at the bottom of the lake.

She was crying. She remembered that. Remembered her cheeks wet with tears and she would lift the head up, thinking no, no, I’ll let you live, I love you so much I’ll let you live and then she would see the face wide eyes and screaming and terrified and she would shove it back down under the water again. And she was crying again. And the body was flailing again.

Why couldn’t she forget these things? If only it had been the once…


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