all quiet here no noises here

I know I know, it seems like no activity….it seems like I dropped off the face of the earth and all that and some people know what’s going on and others don’t…

It’s just been a rough patch for me in some ways, and yet a great deal of good things at the same time. It makes me wonder how it ends up like this, the back and forth between extremes. Maybe it’s the only way to keep going, I don’t know. Some of the stuff I can’t talk about yet because it’s just too much right now and I think I might need to let it settle into my brain or something and let it stew before babbling about it here. I guess that’s a part of it, maybe? I don’t know.

My grandpa died. There’s that. There’s more than that, but that’s the big thing right now right this morning. I’ll post more later with the good stuff and maybe the other bad stuff, but for now let’s leave at it that. That’s how it is.


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