i like short books

Ian McEwan praises the novella-

I have to say yes yes yes, interesting and I agree and yes. I mean, of course there is something to big bulky brain squishing novels like The Brothers Karamazov or The Name of the  and all that sort of stuff, because you feel like you live there inside of that whole thing, it becomes a universe of other lives for us to live, all these experiences, big and small. But other times, I think the novella is very important to, very much more so. I don’t see why this big trends of big books are all that important- we need both in this environment, and I am a huge fan of both the novella and the short story. And I’m just hoping somehow we can see a rise again of the novella and watching it become something again. Because really, I would love more novellas to read, it would be a great thing. Sometimes I don’t feel like immersing myself in a complete totality of other lives, sometimes I want just that small thing that read that is complex and nuanced and made of small moments piled up on top of the other.

Speaking of short novels, here is one I definitely want to get…


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