you run and you run

…thinking of characters that run from things, run from problems, run until everything catches up with them, and then kapow it all kind of explodes and either they have to face it, or keep on running and running. It’s like a road trip novel, but instead of searching for something (usually the heart of america or the american dream if it’s an american novel) they are running away from everything. It’s not about search, but fear of repercussions of actions, it’s an escape from responsibilities.  And somehow I think this is a key big part of our current cultural narrative, that of escape, of trying to avoid issues somehow, to not see our stresses…

i mean, look at Rabbit Run which is almost the anti-On the Road, or other things like that. I’m trying to think of more, and I know there are some, but that’s the first that comes to mind. I’m not saying I like it as a novel, Rabbit Run is crazily flawed in lots of places (and the same with Catcher in the Rye which is another novel about running, escaping from something…), but the concept is interesting. Running from something, running towards something, it’s all about motion, about never standing still, about everything and everything. Somehow I don’t think you can run from something without running towards something anyway, maybe it’s something you know about or something that just happens, but eventually there is an end point, and end game, when it all just stops….

I think it would be easy to frame this as sort of picaresque thing but I don’t think that’s even close to being right, I think it’s just more about what we are, who we are, the running is some sort of old genetic thing left over from before we built cities and etc, and were mostly wandering nomadic tribes, there might be some ghost of that time in our blood, making us run and run and keep on moving


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