were do lines meet is it were the elephants scream and bleat

I’m thinking of getting into the publishing sphere of things again, something I come back to time and time again, the one main idea I keep returning to is a publishing house that publishes bi-monthly little things. Novellettes, novellas, short stories in self contained pamphlets, poetry that is self contained and melts into prose, stand alone comics and all that stuff all that stuff.

There is an emotional qualia I want to put into all these things that I’m going to search for…something hard to express but something I like and I think is interesting. A meloncholy and joy, a nostalgia and freedom and hope for the future, moments of depression and moments of light. Sincerity, honesty, emotional depth and emotional strength…all crouched in a surrealistic frame and perched with poetica…philosophical and not, memoir and non memoir and fiction all melting together, drawing on life and dreams and memories and stories, and narratives that somehow tear everything down and rebuild it one moment at a time. Loneliness moments and moments of screaming and laughing drunk running through the streets at night.

I’m thinking about an article David Foster Wallace wrote, his article on David Lynch. How, he was saying, that David Lynch’s style was expressionistic…his surrealism was about emotional expressionism. Not about escape, or pushing things apart, or about weirdness for weirdness sake, it was about creating a larger emotional depth, a higher sincerity, a way of going after an empathatic truth beneath all of this.

That’s what I’m thinking about, things like that. Mixing memoir and magical realism and surrealism and all that…

Which will not easy or simple. Short things, small works, largish works, all pushed out in a unique stylishy things of covers that portray the inner workings of the work itself.

The name of the publishing house?

Noisy Elephant.

Here’s a mock logo:










And I’m thinking now about how much it would cost to do something like this, and how much I would pay writers, artists, comic book slingers, etc, and if I should kickstart this in the face or what…

But right now it’s just an idea. And it might just be one of my many harebrained schemes that goes nowhere. So it goes.



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