listening to song for paul and thinking of what i like when i write what i like

Yes, that title’s a mouthful of words, no? But I’m starting to like longer titles in a way, but also one word titles in a way. I think they both have benefits, and I need to break from the two word combination titles I was using for awhile and go back to how I used to title things, which is rolling rambling or short and wordless. Maybe I should write something someday with no title. How is that even possible? Having things without titles, without words, a title that’s maybe just a picture of something. Symbols as titles, words that are not possible, things that spark under-images, maybe pictographic thoughts from a pre-historical language.

So, anyway, yes, I was thinking about what I like when I write what I like…it’s an interesting thing. The things that I write that I like I don’t think (or are not sure) if these are the things other people like when I read when I write (try saying that five times fast). I like the quite moments, the soft solo moments, leaking memories, things like that. Descriptions that are not connected to plots or actions or anything external to that moment, but that moment when reality kind of shimmers around you, and you feel connected to all the other moments of your life at once, like you see how time stacks forward and backwards from each moment…like you are living your whole life in that moment, and everything is just clumped together.

Those are the favorite things. Not that anyone else likes them at all at all at all


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