oulipo and we leaping so…

The key lies in reading, not writing. As Levin Becker points out, those members who studied the Oulipo before becoming members learned to read “oulipianly” before they learned to write that way … this has much more to do with Barthes’ notion of “readerly writing.” As explicated by Tom La Farge, readerly writing engages the reader as a creative collaborator. For the writer, “the process of composition is … an experience of reading,” and the reader in turn becomes “an active participant in the composition process.” The oulipian reader, like the oulipian writer, is always re-reading, re-creating, re-membering. Levin Becker claims this “creative reading” — in effect, writing in reverse — “is no less noble, no less rewarding, no less potentially spectacular, than creative writing.”


which is something i think yes i think is absolutely right- why should the reader not be an integral part of the process of the novel?


2 thoughts on “oulipo and we leaping so…

    • Actually, if I’d ever heard you say it I would agree with it. I always consider myself reader first, writer second. And I write with freedoms towards the reader. Empty spaces the readers can fill in themselves.

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