Join the Ville! Join the Farm! X Sent you a request

Y sent you a request and Z sent you a request and together they can makea solipsist universe of Cartesian psychiatry…yes, yes, even though you lost your home to Foreclosure you can now own a farm or an empire and be a motherfucking warlord!  Can’t feed your kids but you can feed your virtual community just now just in seven days, why try to do the real thing when the virtual thing is all crack and all appealing!  Lose yourself in the world of fake things, of pixel things, lose your life, drown your life, spend it all on nonthings, nonreality that’s owned by FaceSpace and MyBook and PlusGooglePlus, and all that fun stuff. Hey now hey now, it’s a virtual sand you can stick your head in, drown under the beads of water

and hey now hey now if you just spam all your friends all the fucking time and send them a million messages then hey now hey now we’ll give you X more villagers and Y more farmland and you can beef up your virtual vampires or waste the hours away doing nothing more than putting words into order on a virtual board game. Gone are the needs for messy human interactions, you don’t need it, you already proved you were human by putting in the CaPTCHA code. Who needs other humans when your loneliness can be worn away with a nothingness before you, where nothing is ever going to ever be real other then in scattered pixels and in your memories. Why produce when you can consume? Keep consuming, keep it going, keep the lines flickering across the world until the lights go out and the world floods or becomes a hothouse or we destroy ourselves in the many myriad ways we can….

Somtimes I think we evolved because the earth is suicidal depressed and didn’t want to live anymore. We’re a million year gun, kept in a drawer, waiting to go off.


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