watching rum diary

it’s slow burning and you kinda miss the prose of the book and every once and awhile the prose gets put in, and you hear it. But other than that, it’s the kinda movie that makes people say it has no plot when it’s got plot everywhere, but then again as soon as you move away from plot that’s yelled at the reader out of every voice and every character is a machine to the plot you have people complaining…

I was thinking about something I read some place today, about some writer writing fake reviews on amazon for money. And he used the classic Ayn Randian ethos for what he was doing, that was a capitalist! that what he was doing wasn’t wrong at all! and then he pointed at all the one star review for classics and he said that’s because real people were reading it. And I thought, what an ass. I always hate that idea- that the common person doesn’t like that thar stuffy intellectual stuff,  because those books are for smarty pants and it’s all nonsense anyway, it’s all naked emperors and all that.

hey man, I grew up in a family of blue collar and all that, and I grew up in a small town in the middle of fucking nowhere, and i have to say i met more people and more people from then and that time period that were smart, were strange, liked weird fiction, liked weird movies, liked rambling and everything else. these were not elitist ivy league people*, they weren’t, and yet all of us were armchair philosophers and crazed mystics getting drunk getting into fights screaming and yelling until dawn and we loved this shit. The beats were poverty stricken and they wrote this stuff, they loved this stuff. I have a feeling it’s these people who are rich motherfuckers who like to dictate what they call the common man should like, because it’s easy to manufacture movies like that and books like that, that’s why. Fuck religion being the opiate of the masses. Today it’s mass entertainment, and it keeps us sleep walking through life and it’s there because books that scream WAKE THE FUCK UP and PAY THE FUCK ATTENTION WE’RE FUCKED (and yes Rum Diary is that kind of movie in a way, even though it’s in the background) that they’re telling us we shouldn’t like because it keeps us chained to the big screen tvs

oh fuck i got all polemic again

ah well ah well i’d say it won’t happen but what the hell i got this constant chip on my chip on my shoulder and i can’t stop seeing the world and you know what i don’t need? to escape from it. i don’t want to be blind and dragged through caves to look at the flickering lights and shadows anymore

Which I have full respect for anyone that goes to an ivy league school, I’m just saying these rhetoric mining idiots always use the phrase Ivy League Elite when attacking anything of any literary value, ignoring the histories of the writers who write the very shit they say is blah blah blah, that these writers mostly grow up someplace else, someplace not privileged with the ease of getting somewhere fast and far…that the best is down and out and filled with the grunge of life the detritus of days, that it makes sense that most writers are used to poverty because writers don’t make much fucking money


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