sometimes you need to run and keep on running

I watched the movie Mouth to Mouth which ends with people running, and I remember the ending to my own short story Heaven’s Fire which ends with them running, and I think there is something to that, end on running. Like it’s a joy of life a celebration of freedom, but it’s also running away running away, and in a way that’s escapism, or maybe it’s running towards something, so it’s a greater thing, but running as an ending has always struck me as right and right.

I’m trying to think of other books and movies and short stories that end on running, I’m not sure I do but I know there’s some. There has to be some, and I like that idea a lot. Because it leaves so much open, so many things in the future, it’s not about an ending, but about something outside of the book/movie/etc, it’s about how things keep going on. Maybe I just like running. Not that I’ve done in two or three years, and not that my memory of it is the memory of running as a teenager and an early twenty something, and now I’m running as an thirty something which makes it different. There is more work involved with running now, it takes patience and skill now, but when I was younger I remember being able to run and spin and circles and run some more and it didn’t matter, nothing mattered, everything stopped ceasing to be painful and without meaning when I run and run and run.

What I Talk About, When I Talk About Running by Murakami is the quintessential book for writing and running and I’m trying to remember if Murakami ever ended a novel with a character running and I can’t think of it, can’t think I’ve read of one. But that would be perfect for him, just someone running, and running. Rabbit Run I think is the first book I read that ended on running, and I read that book when I was thirteen or so. I remember liking the ending but hating the reason for his running, he was trying to escape from the mess he made of everything else. But at the same time, that ending stuck with me, running and running and runnning.

I think Murakami’s and I think about how compares running to writing and there is something there yes yes, but not sure if it’s an actual thing or a qualia thing or something else. It’s interesting to see the essays in that book, because he moves freely from talking about writing to running, and it’s not the usual writing book, it’s not him telling wannabe writers do this do that to sell a million books. No, it’s just him, talking about his methods and it’s always interesting to me to hear other writers talk about their methods because everything is different than how do it. Or I like books that talk about writing in a philosophical sense, and not a lecture sense, like books that try to delve into what makes prose prose and not some book on how to do this how to do that, I fucking hate those books. I’m not that kinda writer.

I’m trying to think of movies that end on running and don’t you dare fucking mention Forrest Gump ew god no that hackfest of a schmaltzy film no no no. No feathers flying down to saccharine music and some Tom Hanks sitting there all gumpian with chocolates. No, no, that movie doesn’t deserve the ending like that, the running and the running, it doesn’t become philosophical then, but something else.  Unless I remember wrong and he doesn’t end with running. Then fuck yeah that movie deserved the ending it got.


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