elite and willing to fight (or l33t with the burning f33t)


ya know yanno you know, I like my novels difficult too (although some just don’t gel with me the first time, I know if I go back later and later and later they begin to gel and form and solidify and take shape inside of me) and I don’t get why people think an author is being all showoffish with his writing and that readers are “seeing things that aren’t there” and the whole thing is just a big ruse to make the normal reader feel stupid. I don’t think Franzen is even close to right write right, he’s just dumbing things down for the common crowd, it’s like being in an advance class and having everyone being taught to the dumbest person there.

Don’t let Franzen dictate what you read or write, and don’t like Coelho’s poopooing of Ulysses stop you from ever reading it. I mean come on, this is the guy who write The Alchemist for fuck’s sake.  It’s like someone who paints hotrods calling Michelangelo a twit.


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